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Walk , 15 August,2014


 Helena and Kenís walk on the 15th is from the Grouse and Claret at Rowsley and will start at 10.00 am.

 The first mile is a steady climb.  We will climb to and through Rowsley Wood, The paths to the woodland are narrow but well trodden.  The paths through the woodland are wide and well maintained to the summit.  We then pass through Burnt Wood and drop across the fields to Beeley village; walk to Calton Lees bridge over the River Derwent and then follow the river back to Rowsley.  There are one or two stiles, the terrain is passive!

 Go here for the Grouse and Claret website:

 If you look at the menu you can decide on the food you would like:

 While this is Helena and Kenís walk; Ken is skiving off on a birthday trip to London for the weekend so Helena will be ably(?) assisted by your very own Barrie Gay!


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